If you think Plumbing is a mediocre job and doesn’t need any attention, think again. Plumbing has in ways been a revolutionary idea that brought great good to humanity. Even though Plumbing is not taken seriously today and we take its importance for granted, Plumbing was once considered as something that saved civilizations. Here are some significant contributions that Plumbing made to the world that you cannot miss!

1) Diseases

Yes, we are all aware of the times during and before the dark ages when diseases were widespread around the world. If you think that these diseases calmed down because of the intervention of medicine, think again. Plumbing made the most significant contribution to the eradication that medication could. With Plumbing came proper sanitation which in itself prevented all water-borne and infectious diseases. Let’s not forget the black plague that took the lives of almost 75 million to 200 million people.

2) Before Plumbing

Before the plumbing industry was established, people were afraid of everything related to water. Getting wet was associated with getting sick because of all the illnesses that were spreading around. People were so against the Roman behavior of taking baths to such an extent that it was outlawed in some parts of the world. Along with the eradication of disease, another thing that Plumbing got rid of was fear. After Plumbing was made a normal situation, people no longer feared going out or even bathing.

3) Sanitation


Sanitation was another valuable asset that civilization as a whole gained through Plumbing. Before this, toilets weren’t available at home, and fecal materials were thrown out wherever people deemed fit and even into the streets. The vitality of sanitation was realized properly after Plumbing came to be. The quality of life, the standard of living, life expectancy, and general health increased gradually all over the world.

4) The Hero called Plumbing

Plumbing has saved a lot of people from great distress across the globe. Here are some specific examples of how exactly it was done. The black plague must be the first one to talk about because of the massive loss of lives that the disease brought. People in urban and rural areas who lived in overcrowded areas with filthy conditions were affected profoundly. The proper Plumbing brought sanitation along with it, which helped eradication of the disease itself. The London cholera epidemic is another notable event where there was a cholera outbreak caused because of an infection in the community well. Dr snow traced it to the pump handle, which was changed, and the outbreak ended abruptly.